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Ue Unites

Memento Mori...

Unfortune Events Forum Members Unite!
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We are members of the wonderfuldifferous UE. We are quirky. We are strange. Fear us. We roar. ... and some of us are emo.

We have rules.

1. Just use good judgement, would you? Don't be mean. Don't say gross things. Don't threaten people. You know.

2. Please don't just use this as a forum. This is a community to talk about a forum. You can be more free here, because it's me, and it's not all the mods with guidelines and an administrator, etc.

3. Try to refrain from being stupid.

We Have a Monarch

I am she, and she is me. My name is Caitlin, and I am known as InJustice on the Unfortunate Forums, and I'm co-moderator of Sinister Salutations. I created this community. I am expert on all things Monty, Python and Beatles-related. If you're nice, I'll allow you to join the community. Also, you gotta be a UE member. And yes, that is discrimination.

Stuff to Say in your First Post

UE Username:
How'd you find this community?:

And then whatever you wanna say.... within reason.

Now, remember to have fun in the community, and remember: