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Mar. 28th, 2006 | 08:01 pm
posted by: coheeds_apollo in ue_members

UE has been 'aspoifuasfsa'ing me lately.

i feel like anytime i'm on there, i have to babysit people. calm down, be nice. please type correctly. this is in the wrong forum. no-one is attacking you. this is not a serious subject. there is no need to act like that. chill out. simmer. wrong forum. this is not fit for irksome issues. soup, chill out. dear god.

now i'm really confused on what is considered 'irksome' and what is considered petty. one part of me wants to say, WTF. you big babies. good lord. get over it. and the other part is thinking, well, this is the people's forum! if they feel that it is a serious subject, then it is!

i'm making up a little guideline for irksome issues. hopefully it will clear up ideas like 'oh, i broke a nail, this is obviously a serious subject!' but before i post it, i will make sure to run it by memento. its her forum too. i don't want to do something if she doesn't agree with it. =(

but before i run it by her. . . i guess i should start writing it.

yay procrastination!

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Platonic Molestation

From: sergeant_duckie
Date: Mar. 31st, 2006 06:29 pm (UTC)

Gah. I know what you mean! Chasing new kids and telling them the rules... even though you've already told them five thousand times... but you can't get too mad at them, because they'll get angry at you and then just spam to piss you off... gah. I feel like I'm responsible for them, too... Gah.

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