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crazy unexpected news.

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Feb. 26th, 2006 | 02:17 pm
mood: bitchy bitchy
posted by: coheeds_apollo in ue_members

monday through thursdays, i will not be online. wowies. its ground-breaking news, it really is.


at night, i'll pop on for a few minutes, just to check on irksome issues. i doubt i'll be posting as much.

this is just to stop anyone from OMFGSHE'SNOTHEREGIVETHEMODDYTHINGYAWAYing. =D cause i loffleshkins modding irksome issues because then i get to boss people around.

i have a big icky projects on olmec to do. and chile too. aahhh. i'm cold. and hungry. and these guys are building stuff on my house and i want them out. grr.

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